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BeeZEUS started the beautiful and magical journey in the world of bees in the spring
1960. Then my great-grandfather and our grandfather accidentally found a swarm of bees and caught them.
The father in turn following his love for the bee, created me
our family one of the largest beekeeping units in Greece.
We, the 4th generation now dealing with the bee, with guidance and knowledge
that have been passed down to us and through the experience we have gained,
we continue this journey, trying even harder and offering to
our industry patents and manipulations.
Our beekeeping unit consists of a large number of beehives which
they work with the same love and care. They are transported all over with the main purpose
to offer you the highest quality bee products.

Our story
senko sergei senko viktoras
beeΖΕΥΣ FAMILY: Inner_about

Senko Victor


He started beekeeping in 1960 and was one of the first to build a beekeeping platform


Senko Sergei

Agronomist specializing in beekeeping

His first acquaintance with bees was at the age of 4 when his father took him on a bee transport at the age of 14. He knew some basic principles of beekeeping. In 1984 he graduated from the University as an Electrical Engineer and then passed the entrance exams for Agriculture. University of Russia where he excelled. You graduated from the school in 1989. In 1993 he came to Greece and continued to do what he loves most about beekeeping

Senko Dimitris

Beekeeper - King Farmer

From a young age in the beehives next to his father learning the art from a very early age. In 2004 he graduated from the Athens Technical University as a Medical Instrument Technician but his love for bees won him over.

Senko Giannis

Beekeeper - King Farmer

The youngest of the family won by the apiaries. Also from a young age in the beehives next to his father and brother learning the art. In 2012 he graduated from AEN as a Mechanical Engineer. At the same time he had many distinctions in the sports field of boxing

Vasiliki Evangelakaki-Senko


Mother, housewife, beekeeper and babysitter. Always next to her husband!

beeΖΕΥΣ FAMILY: TeamMember

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